RAD Dance to your own tune

AGE FROM 18 months to 4 Years

'Dance to Your Own tune' is the Royal Academy of Dance's curriculum for pre-school children. The children come into the class by themselves, a first chance for independence and fun. We will always ensure your little ones are happy and confident whilst making new friends.

Dance to your own tune ‘Family Time’

Children up to 5 years and their families

Starting September 2019. Following the same curriculum as our usual ‘Dance to your own tune’ classes but with the added fun of bringing your mum/dad/siblings into class. This class is a great first introduction to dance, particularly for children who would prefer support from their loved ones.

RAD Ballet

Age from 4 Years

At Marina School of Dance we Follow the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus throughout our classes. Children have the opportunity to take exams if they wish. Ballet is a great way for children to socialise, learn and have fun whilst learning with discipline. With the right support, your child’s love of dance will flourish. 

Adult Ballet Fit

Ladies from 16 years

A completely different way of toning, strengthening and gaining fitness whilst learning the basics of classical ballet technique. This classes is suitable for ladies of all shapes, sizes and fitness abilities, including beginners

Pre-School Tap

AGE FROM 3 Years

Pre-School Tap is a great start to tap dancing. Our little tappers will learn all the basic steps and enjoy making lots of noise at the same time. A perfect introduction into the ISTD syllabus.

ISTD Tap & Modern

AGE FROM 4 Years

Tap and Modern dance are fantastic ways of either developing your current dance skills or starting from scratch. Both styles enhance rhythm and co-ordination in ways no other dance forms can. Following the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) syllabus means that children can also take exams in both these genres.

ISTD Contemporary

age from 11 years

The ISTD have very recently introduced a brand new contemporary dance syllabus which encompasses many forms of contemporary dance, the syllabus works on five essential themes: Falls, Walks, Contractions, Spirals and Subtle energy. This class is a great introduction to Contemporary dance and gives an insight as to how a professional class may run in the industry, perfect for dancers studying or wishing to study GCSE or A level dance.

Dance Fit

AGE FROM 4 Years

Dance Fit is a class to both dance and exercise in one quick hit. A high energy class to work up a sweat. Overton Dance Fit is suitable for primary school age children. 

Musical Theatre

Age from 5 years

Starting September 2019. Sing and dance your heart out with our new musical theatre class. Classes will focus on routines from your favourite musicals. A great class to build confidence and make new friends.

Street Dance

Age from 4 Years

We teach the foundations and techniques of all 'street' styles by following the UDO street dance syllabus. Pupils will gain a real sense of confidence and performance skills without the constraints of more 'formal' dance style.

Starting in January 2020

Acrobatic Arts

Performance Squad

This class has a strong focus on performance as well as developing a high level of technique. New routines are choreographed regularly and in a variety of styles. Pupils are expected to pick up routines quickly and must be dedicated and passionate about their learning. Pupils must already attend at least one other class in order to join the performance squad. Our squad attends a number of dance festivals each year competing solos, duets and group dances and therefore must be available for extra rehearsals when needed.